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Euro 2 euro
Euro 1 euro
Euro 50 cent
Euro 20 cent
Euro 10 cent
Euro 5 cent
Euro 2 cent
Euro 1 cent
Euro 2 euro
Euro 1 euro
Euro 50 cent
Euro 20 cent
Euro 10 cent
Euro 5 cent
Euro 2 cent
Euro 1 cent


All euro coins have a national and a common side.
Every nation can choose it's national side.

All euro coins have the same common side:

5, 2 and 1 Cent Europa has to be found on the globe.

50, 20 and 10 Cent The european countries are melting togheter.

2 and 1 Euro The european countries are melted togheter.

Design: Luc Luycx, Royal Mint Belgium.

The common side has already been changed due to the change of the geography of the member countries.


Each country can issue a certain number of coins. The amount is decided from the european central bank and is according to the size of the country.

Each country can issue some coins in proof quality.

The countries mint can sell those in a set, usually all the coins of a certain issue year togheter with a special or commemorative coin.

When the euro started there were also some startersets.

This was a pack with a certain amount of coins so that the people could get a feel of the new euro coins before they were an official coin.

Commemorative 2 euro coin

Each county has the possibility to issue every year a commemorative coin.

This commemorative coin is always a 2 euro coin. According to european law this coins should mention the issueing country and issue year, also should the coin use the twelf stars in the design.

An excpetion was the year 2007. Europe decided that every country could also issue an extra commemorative coin for 50th anniversary of the signing of the Rome Treaty.

Also in 2009 some country will issue an extra commemorative coin celebrating the 10th anniversary of the euro.

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Bank notes

Before the serial number of every bank note there is a character that indicates the origin of the note.

J (United Kingdom)
PThe Netherlands
Z Belgium

Design Bank notes: Robert Kalina (Austria)